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2019-2020 Student/Faculty Research was active in the Beck Hall HolmLab

Dr. Lucie Holmgreen, a clinical psychologist, conducts research that integrates clinical and social psychological approaches. She studies trauma and attachment (how we think, feel, and behave in close relationships) and is particularly interested in the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reasons for the cyclical nature of trauma. A number of students collaborated with Dr. Holmgreen in […]

Student Research and Professional Development Opportunities occurred all year in Beck Hall!

Another student who took advantage of research opportunities in the Psychological Science Department this past academic year was Lauren Lowe.  Lauren worked closely with Dr. Kayla DeLorme and said of her initial experience working with her in the labs, “I did maternal rat behavior and studied stress transmission! I also did a lot of classwork […]

Helpful Resources

It is normal and healthy to feel rage and sadness in response to systemic racism, discrimination, and racial trauma. If you are struggling to cope with these feelings (or thoughts or behaviors) or if you would like additional support, please consider reaching out for help. The following resources may be a good place to start: […]

Statement for Racial Justice

The Department of Psychological Science at Gustavus Adolphus College stands with Black people and families, and all communities of color. We condemn discrimination, racism, and hate. Through our teaching, research, and service, we commit to working for the Gustavus core value of Justice, promoting education and actions that specifically advance racial justice on campus and […]

Psychological Science Students Engage in Research and Learning All Year Long

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the classrooms, labs, and study spaces in Beck Hall (BH) were filled with Psychological Science students conducting research, collaborating with professors, learning about professional organizations, attending conferences, and in some cases, publishing their research results.  We asked students to share their experiences and over the next few months, we plan […]

A Hands-Down Simple Illusion: The Aristotle Illusion

Written by Taylor Carlson, Elizabeth Johnson, Marie Osuna, Katie Rhoten, and Madison Sinclair Tactile illusions refer to sensations that ​affect your sense of touch​. For example, if you are wearing rubber gloves while doing dishes, you may feel as if your hands are wet! This sensation might feel odd, but you aren’t crazy for feeling […]

Aging and Two Point Touch

Written by Sophia Redding, Sierra Weis, Hannah Rupp, and Hieu Trinh When we hear “two-point touch,” our initial thought is likely an object touching ourselves or another object at two separate points of interest. Frankly, that’s exactly what it is. The two-point touch technique measures the smallest distance between two points at which an individual […]

Dieting with the Sugar Destroyer

Written by Amelia Bjorklund, Alma Jorgenson, Kelly Heffley, and Ginger Valentine Before coming to college, we all feared the ‘freshman fifteen,’ and would be lying if we didn’t admit to this. At Gustavus, we have such easy access to all you can eat sweets, from the soft serve ice cream in the cafeteria to the […]

What’s the Deal with Mouthfeel?

Written by Nicky Abraham, Brenda Garcia, Lydia Kalenze, and Isabel St. Dennis Imagine coming home and finding a bowl of chocolate waiting for you. You go to grab one, and as you start to taste it, someone asks you what it feels like. As you continue eating it, you start to describe the feeling of […]

Smell That Again?: Does Being Pregnant Heighten Your Sense of Smell?

Written by Kristine Falness, Emee Jagielski, Amber Forrester, and Yumiko Yoshioka Imagine this: You or someone you know has just found out that they are pregnant with their first child and have recently been noticing changes in their sense of smell. They do not know what could be causing these changes, so they decide to […]