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The Truth Behind Pheromones in Humans

Written by Britta Lundgren, Allie Miller, Maddie Schut, and Charles Walia Have you ever been interested in wearing the same shirt for a whole week, not washing it and placing it in a bag to be sold online to someone who’s lonely, longing for a sexual connection, and wants to pretend they’re not by smelling […]

Are You Sick of Motion Sickness? The Company Citroen has Found a Solution for it

Written by Jessica Stauber, Josh Fischer, Amy Sanchez and Ka Zoua Moua Do you ever wonder why you might have felt dizzy or nauseous after riding a thrilling amusement park attraction? There’s a good chance you might have been feeling the symptoms of motion sickness. Feelings of nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, and having pale […]

Say “Bon Voyage” to Motion Sickness!

Written By Jessica Erskine, Hailey Campbell, Jacqui Miller, and Abby Carsten Picture this: You’re all dressed up for an evening on a river cruise with a hot date. The stars glimmer beautifully in the water. The cool breeze is just right for snuggling up with your date. You even enjoy a shrimp cocktail as you […]