Statement for Racial Justice

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The Department of Psychological Science at Gustavus Adolphus College stands with Black people and families, and all communities of color. We condemn discrimination, racism, and hate. Through our teaching, research, and service, we commit to working for the Gustavus core value of Justice, promoting education and actions that specifically advance racial justice on campus and beyond. The discipline of psychological science is in a unique position to offer insight on the causes and consequences of systemic racism, as well as avenues for fighting it. We encourage all of our majors to join us as we educate ourselves further about racism and to use what we learn through our courses and research about human behavior and mental processes to engage in actions that dismantle systemic racism and prevent future instantiations. We fully endorse recent statements by the national organizations of the psychological sciences of which we are members and share their responses with you below to demonstrate that you are part of a global community of psychological scientists working together for a just, equitable, and inclusive world.

Furthermore, the Department is taking the following immediate actions.

  • Lecture Series. Each year, we will host a guest speaker that addresses racism, prejudice, or social justice from an action organization or research institute.
  • Student Activism Award. We will start an annual award for student activism, social justice reform or relevant research that addresses racism, discrimination, or hate.
  • Task Force. We will assemble a student-led task force that will identify and develop additional activities, policy changes, and programming that will promote social justice issues within our Department.
  • Mental Health Resources. People of color are grieving, angry and hurting as are their allies. On our Department webpage, we will be posting online links and resources for healing and dealing with trauma for communities, families, and our students.

Signed by

  • Jennifer Ackil, Professor of Psychological Science
  • Mark Kruger, Professor of Psychological Science
  • Marie Walker, Professor of Psychological Science
  • Kyle E. Chambers, Associate Professor & Chair of Psychological Science
  • Kayla De Lorme, Associate Professor of Psychological Science
  • Michael Ferragamo, Associate Professor of Psychological Science & Biology
  • Lauren Hecht, Associate Professor of Psychological Science
  • Janine Wotton, Associate Professor of Psychological Science
  • Patrick Heath, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science
  • Lucie Holmgreen, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science
  • Madeline Harms, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychological Science
  • Amy Mukamuri, Administrative Assistant of History, Psychological Science, and Soc/Anthro

Statements from our National Organizations


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