2019-2020 Student/Faculty Research was active in the Beck Hall HolmLab

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Dr. Lucie Holmgreen, a clinical psychologist, conducts research that integrates clinical and social psychological approaches. She studies trauma and attachment (how we think, feel, and behave in close relationships) and is particularly interested in the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reasons for the cyclical nature of trauma. A number of students collaborated with Dr. Holmgreen in the HolmLab during the academic year and all had positive things to relate about their research experiences.

Marie Osuna said, “Professor Holmgreen has been a joy to work with. She really pushes you to think past simple data collection by having us find relevant papers, participate in the experimental design, and talk through issues as a group. Being in her lab has been one of the best experiences I’ve had as a psychology major.” Marissa Marsolek worked in the HolmLab but also with Dr. Walker and she said about her experiences, “Both Marie Walker and Lucie Holmgreen helped me learn more about what it is like conducting research at different stages of the process. For my work with Marie, I learned about how to code data specifically and also how to successfully run participants while keeping their identities and stories confidential. For my work with Dr. Holmgreen, I learned more about all of the work that has to be done on the front end before a study can get off the ground.

Rose Eerdmans also gained lab experience this past year and said of Dr. Holmgreen, “I worked in her lab running participants over J-Term, but she also allowed me to contribute to her research in another way by developing an independent study course in which I read relevant research literature and developed some hypotheses about certain variables in her study that she did not have existing hypotheses about. This was such an amazing experience! I totally had free reign over the project and got to approach it the way that worked best for me and think independently about the ways previous research findings interact and could be applied to the present research.”

Madison Sinclair described her lab experiences: “As a member [of her lab], I was able to develop skills in research procedures and development as well as fluency in the literature surrounding the research topic.”

Research and learning opportunities are available for all Psychological Science majors to pursue.  As you prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year, remember to ask about the many research opportunities available!


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