Psychological Science Major & Student Athlete Spotlight: Sophia Redding ’22

Posted on April 22nd, 2022 by

The Department of Psychological Science would like to celebrate the accomplishments of student athletes within our department. While these students have excelled athletically, they have also excelled academically. We interviewed a couple of these student athletes to share what they did to be successful. In this interview, we spoke with Sophia Redding ’22 – a Psychological Science major and student athlete in Gymnastics. 


How do you balance being a successful student athlete while pursuing a degree in Psychological Science?

I think the biggest factor for balancing academics and athletics is strong time management skills and determination. I have always held high standards for myself in school and with gymnastics, so it has always been important for me to try my best to excel at both. Making sure my schedule is balanced and flexible on a day-to-day basis is also important to make sure I can handle every task. At an institution like Gustavus, school ultimately comes first over anything else and the Department of Psychological Science has promoted that as well. Being a student athlete at Gustavus allows you to involve yourself in whatever you want to be a part of and create the foundation to be a well-rounded individual. The professors from the department have helped me learn and excel so much throughout my four years, and I am so thankful to be a part of it all. 


As a well-achieving student athlete who has experience with networking, hard work, and balancing academics, what advice/quote would you provide to aspiring student athletes and/or Psychological Science majors?

Some advice I would give to future student athletes and psychology majors would be to not be afraid to explore your interests and ask for help when you need it. There, quite honestly, is an organization, sport, or major at Gustavus for everyone. Within the Department of Psychological Science, there are so many research and coursework opportunities to enhance your interests and career paths. The faculty and peers here are also amazingly supportive individuals that will help you with anything you aspire to accomplish. 


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