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A few weeks ago, I was honored to assist Natasha Behboudi ‘18 declare her major in Psychological Science. Natasha is a sister to Meishon Behboudi ’15 who is also a major in Psychological Science and current President of our Psi Chi Honors Society. Delighted that sisters were engaged in the same major at Gustavus, I asked if they would share their stories:

Behboudi Sisters at Gustavus Adolphus College

Natasha Behboudi ’18 and Meishon Behboudi ’15

What made you choose Psychological Science as your major?

 Meishon: “I chose Psychology as my major because mental illness is something that has touched my family and friends in many aspects. That is what first drew me to the major. As time has progressed, I think seeing the different stigmas regarding mental illness, and seeing specific weaknesses our society has in dealing with people who suffer from mental illness has really solidified my feelings of this being the most meaningful major for me.”

Natasha: “I chose Psychology for my major because growing up I had both family and friends dealing with different mental disorders whether it be things such as depression, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, addiction, and so on. I think that there are certain stigmas that need to continue to be addressed when it comes to mental disorders. Eating disorders are what have really drawn me into the major, and is the area that I hope to specialize in. I have seen more and more people come out about the eating disorders they have been battling since coming to college. Eating disorders are hidden by so many, and seeing the stigmas around the disorders I hope to be able to help those battling. Growing-up I have always been interested in different topics in Psychology, and to me it is a natural fit.”

What does it mean to you that your sister is also a Psychological Science major?

 Meishon: “It’s weird to have my sister in the same major because we haven’t been in the same thing since we were younger playing sports, but overall so far it has been kind of nice. I like that we have something in common at this age that is so important to both of us, but at the same time different from each other as well. The things we would like to specialize in or are most interested in differ to some degree, so there really isn’t any feelings of competition.”

Natasha: “I think it is amazing that Meishon is in Psychology. Being the younger sister, if we did do the same activities there was often sisterly competition even though we supported each other completely, but by having different specialties in psychology it does not feel like that.  We are both able to strive without feeling a sense of it being a competition. It feels more like we are working together more than ever now. I feel that we often would do different activities, but I do see us as similar in many ways. I enjoy that we are both majoring in Psychology because we are able to talk about things and as someone who is farther in the major she can give me guidance. Seeing my sister go into Psychology is great because she has always done what she can to help others, and I see her passion as she continues to strive to do that through Psychology. It is nice that we want to specialize in different things, though they tie into each other, as we can do things of our own interest. I am excited to see what my sister does as she continues on after college.”

What do you wish to accomplish with your degree in psychology?

Meishon: “I want to go on to graduate school for Clinical Psychology. After working for a few years in the field I hope to open a free mental health clinic giving everyone equal access to care either here or abroad.”

Natasha: “Being very new to the major I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but with a psychology degree I hope to focus on eating disorders. I plan to go on to continue my focus, and work towards graduate school for Clinical Psychology. After working in the field I hope to open my own clinic for those battling eating disorders. I think it would be amazing if Meishon and I ended up working together to be able to help more people. I can see myself teaching in the future, and I would love to do research on eating disorders and about the ways in which society constructs our idea of body image and gender.”



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