Psychological Science Summer Research Donor, Rev. Gordon A. Braatz, Ph.D.

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Rev. Gordon A. Braatz, Ph.D with Summer Research Student Brooke Meyer ’14

The Department of Psychological Science is fortunate to have a patron in Rev. Gordon A. Braatz, Ph.D.

Since 2010, our psychological science department has been able to implement a summer research opportunity for students staying on campus thanks to the active philanthropy from the Rev. Gordon A. Braatz, Ph.D. Research projects have included using eye-tracking technology to enhance and expand spatial attention, investigating the relationship between salicylate-induced tinnitus and circadian rhythmicity, and facial affect processing in high social anxiety using an fNIR apparatus. The research undertaken by students is an experience that will undoubtedly serve them well as they look toward futures beyond Gustavus.

This summer research opportunity is competitive and is designed for students who would like to pursue research independently (under the supervision of a Gustavus faculty member) over the summer. Past recipients of the summer research opportunity include: Matt Broschard ‘16, Brooke Meyer ‘14, Dan Marino ‘14, Travis Sigafoos ‘16, Jenna Chapman ‘12, Hannah Durbin ’13 and Alex Gjorvad ‘11. This research opportunity carries a modest stipend so that a student can dedicate time to pursue a psychological research question in depth.  All recipients of a Braatz summer research stipend are required to share the results of their summer work in a presentation during the fall semester delivered to faculty and others. To apply, email Nicole Goebel for an application.

Braatz Summer Research Student LogoDr. Braatz is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. A clinical psychologist, he has been actively engaged in psychological practice as well as parish ministry for more than thirty years. Among other credentials, Dr. Braatz obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Minnesota, spent many years as a supervisory psychologist at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and as an adjunct faculty member in Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota. Perhaps, though, most importantly for Gustavus Adolphus College, he is a member of our Board of Trustees and shares an active interest in providing opportunities for Psychological Science majors.

Dr. Braatz stated, “My motivation for underwriting summer research, and providing dedicated funding for [the Psychological Science student interaction room], stems from my own experience as a research assistant while I was a graduate student, and later as I did my dissertation research. After forty years as a psychologist, I want to do what I can to provide students with hands-on experience early, not only to foster their own research endeavors as the years move on, but so that they will be more informed consumers of the research they read about. My early experience has stayed with me in a very positive way. I’m delighted if in a small way I can help others to have that experience too”.


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