Sport Psychology Guest Speakers

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Sport Psychology Psychological Science majors were recently introduced to a career path of sport psychology by Mark Hartman ‘10 and Skylar Schulz ‘10. Hartman is currently in the graduate program at Minnesota State University, Mankato and Schulz is in the graduate program at the University of Minnesota. Hartman and Schulz were both excited to share their specialization as they had not been exposed to sport psychology in their undergraduate years.

Schulz is going into sport psychology to pursue coaching and shared interesting information on how motivation works. Hartman wants to use his degree to be a teacher or to do individual consultation to help people be the best they can be. Hartman also shared with us the power of the mind. He used an activity to help us realize that thinking about things or visualizing could help us succeed. By holding a paperclip on a string above a cross, we were able to move the paperclip back and forth just by thinking about it because our thoughts were enough to activate the correct arm muscles a minimal amount to allow for the clip to move.

Hartman and Schulz shared advice and information about the differences in their programs and left us with the important mandate to do something we are passionate about. They are both passionate about sports and really enjoyed psychology, so sport psychology is a perfect fit.

Written by: Samantha Nelson

Hartman and Schulz


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