Psychological Science Major & Student Athlete Spotlight: Gabby Sylkas ’22

Posted on April 29th, 2022 by

The Department of Psychological Science would like to celebrate the accomplishments of student athletes within our department. While these students have excelled athletically, they have also excelled academically. We interviewed a couple of these student athletes to share what they did to be successful. In this interview, we spoke with Gabby Sylkas 22’ – a
Psychological Science student and student athlete in Hockey.


What strengths do you see within yourself that are both evident during an elite competition that also exist in your classes, research, and overall education?

Persistence is something I learned throughout sports and classes. When things become difficult, working through the hard times proves to go a long way. Using the assistance of professors, other classmates, and teammates helped me grow as a student and athlete. Accepting help when needed helped me find confidence in myself to work hard in all aspects of life. Another strength I have is just being there for others. Being there for others when they are down, being an outlet for them to vent, always made me feel good. It helped me understand what others go through and how to help them in academics and life concepts. Better to go through things together rather than alone.


How do you see the psychological science courses you have taken influencing your future after Gustavus?

Psychological Science is something I’ve always been interested in. Taking a few courses throughout my Gustavus career allows me to prepare for my future. My major is Athletic Training, and psychology becomes important when helping athletes. Sometimes it’s not always an injury getting in the way of one’s performance in their sport. Having a background in psychology will allow me to better relate to athletes as I treat them. The psychology courses I have taken have helped me better understand not only why we are the way we are but also how we can relate to one another. It helps us understand who we are along with others. Knowing this, applying the knowledge I learned from psychology courses will help me in my future after Gustavus.


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