Psychological Science Mentorship Program

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Gustavus Adolphus College has initiated mentoring programs in various majors throughout the years. This year, Gustavus Psychological Science alumni have generously donated time to mentor several of our current majors. There are impactful, positive benefits to these mentoring relationships as exemplified in the overview Danielle Klunk ’16 shares about her experience this year:

Gustavus Psychological SeicnDanielle Klunk

Danielle Klunk ’16


“The mentoring program has been very beneficial to my education and experience at Gustavus. I was extremely lucky to be paired with a mentor who works in an area very similar to what I hope to be part of in the future. He works as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and focuses on the effects of traumatic brain injuries, while also conducting research within the Brain Rehabilitation Clinic. I was very fortunate that he informed me of a position available for undergraduates to assist in research over the summer and assisting me in the application process.

This summer I will be working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN as part of the Undergraduate Research Employment Program (UREP) under Dr. Thomas F. Bergquist in the Brain Rehabilitation and Research space. I will be working under Dr. Bergquist, along with numerous other team members in the Clinical Neuropsychology department and the Traumatic Brain Injury Model System staff. I am very humbled and excited to be able to work with such established and experienced doctors this summer in an area I hope to pursue as a career someday.”


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