Summer Opportunities for Psychological Science Students

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Looking For a Summer Job?

If you are interested in…

  • Working with kids!
  • A free YMCA membership!
  • Creating and implementing creative activities!
  • A flexible schedule!

Check out YMCA Twin Cities Part Time School Age Childcare


If you are…

  • A junior
  • Majoring in business, statistics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, the physical sciences, or the social and behavioral sciences
  • Filled with enthusiasm for research and intellectual curiosity
  • Familiar with computational software packages or statistics programs

            Check out the Columbia Business School Summer Research Internship

** Apply by March 1st, 2015


If you are…

  • Planning on spending the summer in the St. Peter / Mankato area
  • Interested in volunteering for a non-profit
  • Someone who likes working with kids
  • Interesting in the foster care system / child psychology

Check out Royal Family Kids Mankato Summer Camp


If you are…

  • Planning on spending the summer in St. Peter
  • Looking for a commitment that is less time-intensive
  • Someone who enjoys working with elderly people
  • Interested in Alzheimer’s research or antipsychotic drug research
  • Interested in working with an RA

Check out the Ecumen “Awakenings” Project or contact Barbara Zust, for more information.


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