Are You Addicted to Being an Over-Scheduled Gustie?

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We talk to our peers every day and complain about being stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Yet, when the involvement fair rolls around we are writing our name and email down on every sign-up sheet in sight. Are we addicted to being over involved and stressed out? A new study shows that may be the case.

Constantly being overworked puts your body on a constant diet of stress hormones. As soon as everything has calmed down after a big exam you have to worry about a presentation, recruitment event or making sure everything is ready for the banquet you’re organizing. Your body never has time to return to its normal non-frantic state. Too many stress hormones have negative effects on your body including over production of stomach acid, the inability to think straight and destruction of your immune system. As a result of your busy life you are forced to just treat the symptoms. A morning coffee turns into multiple throughout the day and sleepless nights turn into a nightly sleeping pill. This is where you become addicted to living a life of excess. You’re using short term solutions for a long term problem.

Here are ways to address the issue that appears to plague the hill:

  1. Get rid of everything that is sucking out the rest of your energy. If it drains you and has no possible positive outcomes get rid of it! Stop worrying about all of the things you can’t change!
  2. Stop with all of the “to do” lists. No use in making huge lists that you will never be able to accomplish. Give yourself a break.
  3. Drop anything that is detrimental to your wellbeing. Yes sacrificing for others is good, but not when it makes your own life exhausting.
  4. Accept the fact that you aren’t going to be able to fix everything. The constant concern is draining.
  5. Ditch all of the drama!
  6. Remember the power of NO, don’t over commit yourself.
  7. Avoid drugs and alcohol, or whatever you use to treat the damage that stress is causing.
  8. Take note of all of the things in your life up on the hill that make you smile!
  9. Get that body moving!
  10. Take time to meditate or pray

Remember Gusties, it is important to be involved, but also to take care of ourselves!!

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Submitted by Janey Ross ‘16


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