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Everything is Not What it Seems: Accidental Viewpoints

Written by Emma Barrett, Mariah Chalamila, Sam Dorgan, and Trina Toeben   What is an accidental viewpoint? Sometimes the visual field can be fooled by an accidental viewpoint, or optical illusion. An accidental viewpoint is a viewing position that produces a regular image that is not actually present in the real world (example: the sides […]

Einstein Monroe Illusion – a Two for One Image

written by Xander DuMoulin, Justyn Hermel, Claudia Lampi, and Tate Littlefield   The Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe illusion is an image that tricks your brain into seeing two different faces when looking at the picture from different distances. When this image is further away from your face you will see Marilyn Monroe, but as […]

Sunburning Your Eyes

written by Abegeya T., Allison D., CJ Herrick, and Jessa W.    Living in the upper midwest comes with many positive and negative components. One of these is that snow is around us for the majority of the year. While the snow can be beautiful, there can also be some risks associated with being surrounded […]

Amplification Options for Musicians

Written by Stephanie Anderson, Kaylyn Leonard, Jada Zevenbergen, & Ronald Romero   Musicians often rely on their hearing as the optimal way to tune instruments or understand music (Hearing Healthcare, 2021). This creates a challenge for hard of hearing individuals who want to listen to music, play music or have a desire to become musicians […]

Busting the Myth: How Much Can Newborns Really Hear?

Written by Emmie, Emma, Kieran, and Logann   Have you ever seen expecting mothers talking to their baby? Maybe even putting headphones playing Mozart melodies on their pregnant belly? Oftentimes they do this so that their baby recognizes their voice once they are born. Some believe that by listening to Mozart their baby will be […]

Dead or Alive? A look into the “Dead Finger” sensory illusion

Written by Samantha Dorgan, Emma Barrett, Mariah Chalamila, and Trina Toeben   Playing with reality Sensory illusions are being used more widely today for more reasons than just party tricks. Some clinical settings use sensory illusions, such as the disappearing hand trick, to allow for those undergoing paralysis therapy to experience body sensations (Stone, K. […]