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Plant Blindness: Our Unintentional Disregard for Flora

Written by Taylor Mac, Madisyn Plumhoff, Julie Terrone, and Lydia Brekke   “Plant blindness is the inability to see or notice the plants in one’s own environment.” (Ro, 2019) Why Does ‘Plant Blindness’ Occur? Our brains detect differences in the world in a formidable fashion, favoring wildlife such as animals with higher rates of recognition than […]

Wait, Look Again: Flat or Round? Real or Imaginary?

Written by Grey Grettum, Amanda Otto, and Katie Velek What is the anamorphosis illusion? Imagine reaching for a baseball, but then realizing that the baseball you perceived is nothing more than just a piece of paper. As shown below, this is an example of the anamorphosis illusion. Anamorphosis is defined as “[the] use of the […]

Mythbusters: Dress Edition

Written by Lauren Casey, Kristen Eggler, and Kjorte Harra Take a look at this dress below. What colors do you see? How about now? Can you see two differently colored dresses? These are the two different colors individuals may see (the white and gold image below shows a flipped striped pattern rather than the actual […]

Just Eyeball It: The Science Behind “Triple Track Technology”

Written by Charity Aultman, Mitaya Johnson, Yesenia Hidalgo, and Jennifer Puchuela Morocho With so many different kinds of golf balls out there, ever wonder what the point of the differences are? Well, we came across one with three lines in an article posted on the website of Golf Digest by Mike Stachura that announced Callaway’s […]